Some resources that can help learning Sanskrit.

Online Resources

Acharya Web Site at IIT Madras • March 3, 2013
A great resource to learn Sanskrit through self-study
A Huge List of Scnanned Sankrit Books • March 15, 2013
IISC Bangalore maintains a big database of many Sanksrit books like Abhijnana Shakuntalam by Kalidasa.
Sanskrit Institute Blog • March 15, 2013
Simple lessons by the Sanskrit Institute
Sanskrit Book Collection on Scribd • March 15, 2013
A number of online Sanskrit books for reading.
Sanskrit Documents • March 15, 2013
A huge compilation of Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari display and transliteration format.
Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan • March 15, 2013
These are nice e-texts made afresh by the various Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan centers.
Columbia University Sanksrit Language Resources • March 15, 2013
Pointers to sanskrit resources on Columbia University's language resource page.
Sanskrit E-Books • March 15, 2013
A huge colletion of Sanskrit e-books that can be downloaded.
Learn Sanskrit Website • March 15, 2013
Another great website to learn Sanskrit. It has a great guide to Sanskrit grammar.
The Sanskrit Heritage Site • March 15, 2013
A comprehensive resource for Sanksrit laerning
SAMSKRUTAM • March 3, 2013
Sanskrit Dictionary for Spoken Sanskrit • March 3, 2013
This is an editable online hypertext Sanskrit-English-Sanskrit dictionary containing words, phrases, and sentences of the Sanskrit language with special emphasis on spoken Sanskrit.


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